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【Notice】Digital Surveillance System for Mosquito-Borne Diseases, Combining Drones and AI, Adopted in JETRO’s Asia DX Promotion Project in Cambodia

For Immediate Release

SORA Technology Inc.
Aichi, Nagoya City
Founder and CEO: Yosuke Kaneko
December 13, 2023

SORA Technology Inc. (Headquarters: Nagoya, Aichi; Founder and CEO: Yosuke Kaneko) is pleased to announce that its digital surveillance system for mosquito-borne diseases, incorporating drones and AI, has been adopted in JETRO’s “Asia DX Promotion Project in Japan-ASEAN.” We are dedicated to implementing a demonstration project in Cambodia, focusing on reducing mosquito-borne infections such as Dengue fever.


In Cambodia, a member of the ASEAN community, the impact of diseases transmitted by mosquitoes, such as Malaria, Dengue fever, and Zika fever, is severe. Dengue fever alone affected over 12,000 people in the year 2022, emphasizing the urgent need for effective measures.
While efforts, including disease outbreak prediction systems and larvicide spraying to control mosquito larvae (larvae), are required to reduce infections, the current situation indicates insufficient digitalization, especially in terms of necessary data collection to execute these initiatives efficiently.

▼Drone × AI for Mosquito Eradication

SORA Technology employs drones and AI (Artificial Intelligence) in a technique known as LSM (Larval Source Management) to efficiently and cost-effectively eradicate Malaria-carrying mosquitoes during the larvae (larva) stage compared to traditional LSM methods.
By utilizing drones to identify water puddles and sorting them based on indicators such as water temperature, depth, and turbidity, the system then selectively sprays insecticides only on water puddles with a high risk of mosquito breeding.
This unique technology aims to significantly reduce labor costs, improve cost-effectiveness in insecticide spraying, and further reduce environmental impact caused by insecticides. This system has already been deployed in West African regions like Sierra Leone and Benin and will now be adapted for use in Cambodia.

Measuring puddle water temperature and surveying bow flounder habitat

▼Expected Impact in Cambodia

In addition to reducing mosquito-borne diseases, the initiative is expected to serve as a catalyst for promoting DX (Digital Transformation) in other infectious disease measures, such as rabies. It will also foster the development of local talents in the fields of drones and AI, contributing to the creation of new digital industries in Cambodia.

▼About Asia DX Promotion Project

Organizer: JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization)
Objective: Collaborate with ASEAN companies and institutions, utilizing digital technology to address economic and social challenges in Japan-ASEAN.
Adoption Date: November 2023
Link to JETRO’s Asia DX Promotion Project

▼About SORA Technology

SORA Technology is committed to contributing to the United Nations’ goal of “Malaria Eradication by 2030” by tackling Malaria control through the combination of drones and AI. Additionally, the company aims to reverse-innovate drone operational techniques developed in emerging countries for application in advanced nations, striving towards the realization of a sustainable society resilient to disasters and pandemics through the use of “SORA.”

Contact Information

SORA Technology Inc.
Public Relations: Sato and Kojima
E-mail: ichiho.sato@sora-tech.com

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