Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

We are looking for people who are willing to work together with us to realize “Air Mobility Society”.

Available Positions

The type of person we are looking for

  • Share our Mission/Vision
  • Can put our Values into practice.
  • Interested in startups and
    can make their own way in the world
  • Forever curious and ambitious

Messages from Our Team

  • Vice Chief Executive Officer 
    Masaki Umeda

    I joined SORA Technology because I wanted to save lives while creating completely new infrastructure from scratch in developing countries. Currently, I am working on business development in African countries such as Sierra Leone and Senegal, starting from scratch and working with international organizations, governments, and research institutes. We are in the midst of rapid and accelerated development, and we need your help! Let's work together!

  • Health Tech / Africa Business Specialist 
    Mary Yeboah Asantewaa

    I joined SORA Technology because I wanted to work for a Japanese health tech company with operations in Africa. As the only African on the team, I was worried about the language barrier and expectations from others when I first joined the company. However, SORA Technology provided me with more support, love, and a lot more experience than I could have imagined. If you are looking for an environment that comes with hands-on experience, I invite you to join us in tackling the world's health problems.

  • Technical Specialist (Hardware)
    Juhoe Kim

    SORA Technology is a place where I can effectively utilize the aeronautical engineering knowledge I have studied. It is a rare opportunity to start a UAV service from scratch that will greatly improve people's lives, isn't it? Flying a UAV in the wide open skies of Africa is exceptional. We look forward to your participation.

Application Flow

  • STEP01

    Contact us through the application form

    First, please carefully review the information provided on this website and contact us by filling out the application form.

  • STEP02

    Document Screening

    Those who pass the selection process will be contacted by e-mail or phone to arrange a date for an interview. We will contact you with the results of the selection process regardless of whether you are selected or not.

  • STEP03


    In addition to in-person interviews, online interviews using Zoom or other means are available.
    We will discuss the job description, work style, and salary (compensation) with you.

  • STEP04

    Notification of acceptance or rejection results

    We will send you the result of acceptance or rejection by e-mail. After final confirmation of salary, benefits, etc., and upon mutual agreement, we will make a job offer.
    We will ask you about your preferred date of employment, which will be decided after coordination with our company's schedule.

  • STEP05

    Career Start

    After notification of the offer, you are required to start working.