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Realize “Air Mobility Society”

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SORA Technology's Thoughts

In 2020, we experienced a global pandemic of novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19).
Japan is a country of high public health level in the world, but in the globalized world we are living today,
we need to take a global initiative.
SORA Technology will realize a “ Sustainable society resilient to disasters and epidemics ” , by solving emergent social problems, especailly related to Global Health issues, such as Malaria and other infectious diseases, and “ last -mile delivery ”
in developing countries, using drones and other air mobility technologies.
And we aim to realize a “ Safe and integrated management of The Sky(SORA) throughout the world ”
and the “ Universalization of data analytics through The Sky (SORA) ”,
by the business development to realize Air Mobility Society .

Business Introduction

SORA Technology is developing businesses to solve emergent social issues in the field of Global Health,
and at the same time improve the environment in The Sky (SORA), in anticipation of a society
in which the use of air mobility becomes natural, by using drones and other cutting edge technologies .

Business Introduction


Toward a sustainable society resilient to disasters and epidemics

SORA Technology Co.,Ltd. is a health-tech company that aims to realize a "safe and prosperous society",
We have identified key sustainability issues on which we should focus particular attention.

sustainable development goals

Four Themes on Sustainability

Health We contribute to global health, through the speedy development and implementation of infectious disease control solutions, utilizing “The Sky (SORA)”.
Water We use drones to manage and protect water resources.
CO2 We promote low-carbon and decarbonization through solar plane development and carbon credit projects.

Infrastructure We lay new infrastructure through our air mobility businesses.



Central Japan Seed Fund

RheosCP1Investment Limited Partnership*The Company's shareholder is a fund (“RheosCP1 Investment Limited Liability Partnership”) managed by Rheos Capital Partners Co.

Shibusawa and Company, Inc.

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Njala University