SORA Technology is a company that utilizes drones and air mobility to promote social transformation after the pandemic of COVID-19.
With the purpose of the realization of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and Digital Transformation (DX) in Africa and Asia, we build and operate drone-based infrastructure, including their flight management systems. We solve the problems of inaccessibility and inefficiencies by 2025, by developing completely new infrastructure centered on drones that enables not only safe, reliable, and timely transportation of goods, but also the effective management of digital information.


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SORA Technology will build and operate infrastructure related to public health and medical care utilizing drones and their flight management system in order to contribute to the realization of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in Africa and Asia. The development of this infrastructure centered on drones will make it possible not only to transport goods safely, reliably and timely, but also to manage healthcare-related information between multiple bases.  We will overcome the problems of poor access to medical/health care and operational inefficiency due to distance and multiple processes. We are aiming to start the establishment of the drone infrastructure in West African countries, such as Sierra Leone and Senegal in 2022, planning to expand our infrastructure into totally 20 African and Asian developing countries by 2027.

We are also participating in the WELCO Lab supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. We aim to further expand our activities in collaboration with various companies in Japan that have gathered to solve issues in the field of global health.

SORA Technology, since June 2020