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Member Introduction


– Management Team –

  • Managing Director
    Founder & Chief Executive Officer
    Yosuke Kaneko

    • Chief Research and Development Engineer, Disaster Response Aviation Technology Team, Aeronautics Engineering Division, JAXA
    • Chief Strategy Officer, Terra Drone
    • Accenture Strategy Manager
    • Unmanned Aircraft Operation Management System Committee Member
    • Global UTM Association Member
    • Graduated from Keio University, Faculty of Economics
  • Director
    Vice Chief Executive Officer
    Masaki Umeda

    • Research Assistant, The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan
    • Business Incubator, WASSHA Inc.
    • Project Assistant, U.S.-Japan Council
    • B.S. in Social Infrastructure, School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
    • Research on socio-economic evaluation of drone blood delivery business in African countries
  • DirectorSoki Ohmae

    • Co-founder / Managing Partner of DRONE FUND
    • Professor of Digital Marketing, Business Breakthrough University
    • Founder and CEO of CREATIVE HOPE, Inc.
    • Dronegrapher®
  • Head of Africa BusinessMary Yeboah Asantewaa

– R&D Advisor Team –

  • Chief Research and
    Development Officer
    Katsuya Hasegawa

    • Researcher, JAXA Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
    • Ph.D. of Medicine / Ph.D. of Engineering / Bachelor of Agriculture
    • Development of drones for Antarctica, Vanuatu volcanoes, and other special environments
    • Research on inter-island medical supplies transportation using drones (Amami Oshima Medical Association), etc.
    • Member of Amami Islands Medical Future Council
    • Director, Society for Human Resource Development
    • Director of Finance, Institute of Image Electronics and Imaging Engineers of Japan
  • Pro Bono R&D Advisor
    (Consultant Team)
    Toshiyuki Takeda

    • Partner (Representative Partner), Misono Sogo Law Office
    • Involved in the preparation of the “Guidelines for the Risk Assessment of Unmanned Aircraft Operations for the Examination of Safety Assurance Measures” as a member of the Fukushima Robot Test Field Risk Assessment Guideline Preparation Working Group.
    • Has been involved in the study of risk management for drone operations and related legal arrangements, such as giving a lecture on legal arrangements for drone flights over private property to the Municipal Network for Drones and Flying Cars (UIC2-Japan).
    • Recent publications include “Introduction to Drone Utilization: A Handbook for Social Implementation in the Level 4 Era” (co-authored, University of Tokyo Press).

– Business Team –

  • European Business ConsultantRalph Ankri

  • Global Marketing Specialist,
    Berkeley SkyDeck
    Chaeyoon Park

  • Public Relations ManagerIchiho Sato

  • Marketing &
    Communication Specialist
    Shin Tsunoda

  • Marketing &
    Communication Specialist
    Tomoka Kojima

  • Business Development SpecialistYuri Sawa

  • Pro Bono BD Global StrategyMasahiro Yamaguchi

  • Pro Bono Project Consultant
    (APAC Business)
    Kanae Kawashima

  • Pro Bono Project Consultant
    (DX Design)
    Takefumi Takagi

– R&D Team –

  • Technical Lead Hiroki Kato

  • Technical Specialist (Hardware)Juhoe Kim

  • Air Control SpecialistYoshiichi Soshino

  • Technical SpecialistYu Takagi

  • Technical SpecialistKotaro Hirayama

  • Technical SpecialistAyane Fukushima

  • Technical SpecialistAshyrgeldi Atayev

  • Technical Specialist (Software / AI)Mako Yokozawa

  • Technical Specialist (Software / AI)Kazuki Hoshi

  • Pro Bono Technical Specialist
    (Consultant Team)
    Sumie Soneoka

  • Pro Bono Technical SpecialistMasamitsu Kawamoto

  • Pro Bono Technical SpecialistShunsuke Nakatani

  • Pro Bono Project Consultant
    (Biological R&D)
    Daniel Addo-Gyan

– Local Support Team –

  • Sierra Leone / System and database Administrator, Njala UniversityLamin Josephus Kargbo

  • Sierra Leone / Network Planning Manager, Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority Abdul Conteh

  • Project Manager GhanaPatrick Sarpong

  • Project Manager Sierra LeoneFrancis Sahr Brima

  • Bhutan / Marketing / Partner, Drukhost, Green e-SolutionsSangay Tshering

– Backoffice Team –

  • Technical Team Support / General AffairsMayu Kakushin

  • Human Resource Business PartnerKazuya Uehara

  • Human Resources / Accounting SpecialistShotaro Fujimoto