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SORA Technology Appoints New Director. Takayoshi Koyama assumed position of Director and Chief Operating Officer.

SORA Technology Co.,Ltd. (Head Office: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, Managing Director: Yosuke Kaneko; hereinafter SORA Technology), is pleased to announce the appointment of Takayoshi Koyama as Director and Chief Operating Officer, as of October 17, 2022.

Koyama has held multiple key positions at Honda Motor Co., Ltd. in the management of overseas local operating companies, and in the planning and promotion of mid- long term business strategies.
In his previous position at ASTROSCALE JAPAN. Inc., as Managing Director, he dedicated himself to building self-reliant corporate governance, and to create and promote business plans.
SORA Technology will accelerate business development in multiple emerging countries where it focuses on, and at the same time strengthen its organizational structure and corporate governance for the future business expansion, in order to realize its Mission and Vision, by making the most of Koyama’s wealth of experience in overseas business management, creation and promotion of mid- long-term business strategy and corporate governance.

【Brief history of Takayoshi Koyama】
・Managing Director, ASTROSCALE JAPAN Inc.
・Yamato Group Global Strategy Headquarters Function
( General Manager, International Strategy Headquarters,
Yamato Global Logistics Japan Co., etc. )
・Honda Motor Co.
– Held multiple positions as Head of Overseas Divisions in the Global HQ
( General Manager, Africa & Middle East Division /
General Manager, Asia & Oceania Overseas Operation Office, etc. )
– Held multiple positions as Head of Overseas Subsidiaries
( France, Italy, etc. )
・Graduated from Sophia University
Faculty of Foreign Studies, Department of English Studies

SORA Technology Co.,Ltd.
SORA Technology creates new social infrastructures using drones and other air mobility systems with the mission of “Transform people’s way of life from ‘The Sky (SORA)’ ” (SORA=The sky, in Japanese).
With a global perspective, we aim for pioneering social implementation in emerging countries.
While contributing to solving urgent social issues such as malaria and other infectious diseases and last-mile delivery, we will conduct our business as a single package that also includes actions such as supporting the introduction of legislation, drone operation management systems (UTM), and drone licenses.
We also aim to realize “reverse innovation” to developed countries based on the operation and technology we have cultivated in emerging countries, to realize  “ A sustainable society resilient to disasters and epidemics by utilizing ‘The sky (SORA)’ ” and “Safe and integrated management of ‘The Sky (SORA)’ throughout the world”.

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