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SORA Technology’s “Needs Assessment Survey” in Africa has been selected for the “SMEs and SDGs Business Support Project” of JICA

In February 2023, SORA Technology’s “Needs Assessment Survey for the Construction of Ultra-efficient Monitoring Infrastructure for Mosquito Larval Breeding Sites Using Drones and AI” was selected by the “SMEs and SDGs Business Support Project” of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).・SMEs and SDGs Business Support Project
This project, for which JICA is inviting applications, is designed to support the creation of businesses by Japanese private companies and others that contribute to solving problems in developing countries and to co-create value by utilizing the networks, relationships of trust, and know-how with governments of developing countries that have been established through Official Development Assistance (ODA).
SORA Technology was selected by JICA in February 2023 as a result of a rigorous selection process.

・Ultra-efficient Monitoring Infrastructure for Mosquito Larval Breeding Water Sites Using Drones and AI
This survey is an attempt to eliminate mosquito-borne infectious diseases in Africa through the efficiency of Larval Source Management (LSM). In Africa, the introduction of LSM is extremely limited due to the labor-intensive process from the detection of puddles where infectious disease-carrying mosquitoes originate to the application of anthelmintics and the high cost of spraying more anthelmintics than necessary.
SORA Technology has developed a unique AI to address this issue by using aerial photography and sensing centered on drones that can cover a wide area, land classification AI to determine the location and size of puddles, and AI to classify puddles with a high risk of mosquito larva breeding and will actually operate them in the field.
This will enable cost-effective LSM implementation with a significant reduction in conventional infectious disease control costs, thereby contributing to the early realization of malaria eradication in Africa.

【Press Release】
Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) :
SME and SDGs Business Support Project:59 adopted businesses were selected (Only Japanese)

【About SORA Technology Inc.】
SORA Technology creates new social infrastructures using drones and other air mobility systems with the mission of “Transform people’s way of life from ‘The Sky (SORA)’ ” (SORA=The sky, in Japanese).
With a global perspective, we aim for pioneering social implementation in emerging countries.
While contributing to solving urgent social issues such as malaria and other infectious diseases and last-mile delivery, we will conduct our business as a single package that also includes actions such as supporting the introduction of legislation, drone operation management systems (UTM), and drone licenses.
We also aim to realize “reverse innovation” to developed countries based on the operation and technology we have cultivated in emerging countries, to realize “A sustainable society resilient to disasters and epidemics by utilizing ‘The sky (SORA)’ ” and “Safe and integrated management of ‘The Sky (SORA)’ throughout the world”.

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