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【Notice】Drones and AI Unite|JICA-Backed Project Targets Malaria Control for Improved Living Standards

SORA Technology Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, Founder and CEO: Yosuke Kaneko, hereinafter referred to as “SORA Technology”), which advocates the mission of “Transforming lifestyles from the sky (‘SORA’),” announces that its malaria control project utilizing drones and AI has been adopted by JICA’s Based on needs assessments conducted in Ghana, the adoption of this project is expected to pave the way for the establishment and commercialization of malaria control technology in Ghana. It aims to contribute to the improvement of the living standards of those living in Ghana and to achieve the UN’s goal of malaria eradication by 2030.


Malaria infection in Ghana is severe, with over 50,000 people infected annually, leading to approximately 1,500 deaths*. Malaria infection in pregnant women, in particular, contributes to low birth weight infants and an increased risk of infant mortality. SORA Technology aims to establish an efficient technique for eradicating mosquito larvae (larvae responsible for malaria transmission) in water puddles, targeting the breeding grounds, through the use of drone and AI solutions. The project builds on the needs assessment conducted in Ghana in 2023 and the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed with Ghana University regarding drone and AI development internships, leading to the implementation of this project.

*Malaria situation in Ghana (Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs website)

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Signing of Memorandum of Understanding with Ghana University for Drone and AI Development Internships

◾️Anticipated Solutions

SORA Technology employs drones and AI in Larval Source Management (LSM), a method to eliminate mosquito larvae (larvae responsible for malaria transmission) in water before they become adults. This innovative technology enables the efficient reduction of mosquito larvae in water puddles, balancing the reduction of human costs and environmental impact compared to the conventional method of indiscriminate insecticide spraying. Fixed-wing drones capture images of large areas, identify water puddles with a high risk of mosquito larvae breeding using AI, and selectively spray insecticides only in high-risk areas. If this technology is successfully established, it is expected to reduce malaria infections, contribute to the improvement of living standards in Ghana, and ultimately contribute to the economic development of Africa.

◾️JICA Support Project

Adoption Date: December 26, 2023
Project Title: Business Demonstration Project for Building an Efficient Larval Breeding Area Monitoring System Using Drones and AI
Target Field: Health and Medicine
Target Country: Ghana

This project is part of ODA (Official Development Assistance), where JICA matches the needs of developing countries to solve their development challenges with products, services, technology, and know-how from advanced countries (SMEs). JICA then delegates projects to private companies to address development challenges.

[About SORA Technology Co., Ltd.:]

With the mission of “Transforming lifestyles from the sky (‘SORA’),” SORA Technology creates a new social infrastructure centered around air mobility using drones. In the global health field, it aims to eradicate infectious diseases such as malaria and contribute to solving social issues such as last-mile delivery. The company also engages in a comprehensive business package, including legal regulations, drone operation management systems (UTM), and support for introducing drone licenses. Utilizing operational technology developed in developing countries, SORA Technology aims for reverse innovation, realizing a sustainable society that can withstand disasters and epidemics using “SORA” globally.

For inquiries related to this matter:

SORA Technology Co., Ltd. Public Relations: Tomoka Kojima
Phone: 080-5145-5609
Email: tomoka.kojima@sora-tech.com

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