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【Media】SORA Technology Featured in the Web Media of a UN Affiliated Organization

SORA Technology’s business in Africa was featured in the “ASHITANE” project of the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT).

In the article introducing Japan’s world-class environmental improvement technologies, Masaki Umeda, Vice CEO of SORA Technology, explains SORA Technology’s LSM* project in Sierra Leone in FY2022 as a project subsidized by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

*Larval Source Management. A method of malaria control that involves identifying water areas where malaria vector mosquitoes are likely to breed and then spraying insecticides on them before they become adults.

Masaki Umeda, Vice CEO


We conduct LSM using our proprietary technology that makes full use of drones and AI, aiming to reduce LSM implementation costs and environmental impact.

Activities in Sierra Leone

<About the article>
UN-HABITAT Fukuoka Headquarters ASHITANE Project
Publication date: July 2023
Headline: SORA Technology K.K. Tackles Global Health Challenges from Sola


<About SORA Technology, Inc>
With the mission of “changing the way people live from SORA,” SORA Technology is pioneering the use of drones to establish preventive measures against malaria and other infectious diseases in the Global South, particularly in Africa. Furthermore, by providing a one-package service that includes support for the introduction of legislation, drone operation management systems (UTM), drone licenses, etc., we will contribute to solving global issues in the field of global health.

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