Realize safe and comfortable society by leveraging the sky

Realize sustainable society resilient to the disaster and epidemic

Contribute to the globe by having a high vantage point

Our Thoughts

SORA Technology, Inc. aims to solve pharmaceutical delivery issues in Africa and Asia with long-range drones. For people living in developed countries, it may seem quite natural to be able to receive the treatment and medicines as they want. However, there are still other societies in the world where people are forced to spend hours, or even days, traveling to large cities to receive such services, sometimes with the risks of death in the process.

So why does it take such an extraordinary amount of time to travel? One of the main reasons is the inadequate development of transportation infrastructure such as roads, which makes it difficult for people and goods to move as they wish. We believe that laying a completely new infrastructure in the "sky" is a major driver to solving this problem.

We are a very new company, founded in 2020, but we have participated in the Welco Lab initiative by the Gates Foundation and Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting, and we have submitted a petition to Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Sugaas one of the 13 "Business Leaders Supporting Global Health". In addition, we are striving with active collaborations with various partners, both domestic and international, public and private.

As stated in our vision, the ultimate goal of our company is "to realize safe, comfortable, and sustainable society that utilizes space". This means that we believe the significance of the infrastructure in the "sky" is not limited only to the delivery of medicines, but it has a huge potential to revolutionize society, like the Internet today.



Founder & Director

Former CSO at Terra Drone
Former Strategy Manager at Accenture

Masaki UMEDA

Africa Operations Manager

He holds BA in Civil Engineering from the University of Tokyo in 2020. While in school, he has been working at energy think-tank as well as Africa-based energy startup, triggered by his sufficient academic knowledge of electrification projects/policies in developing countries. He joined SORA technology, being fascinated in the huge potential of drones to realize the decentralized public service systems.

Takefumi TAKAGI

DX Designer

Architect; He joined SORA Technology in order to design the future type of architecture and city with realization of DX/SX as well as being more human friendly. He also specializes in visualized facilitation.


Project Consultant

She holds a Master's degree from the Graduate School of International Development, Nagoya University. After working as a consultant at Accenture, she joined SORA Technology as an education development specialist for international cooperation projects, mainly in Southeast Asia. She joined SORA Technology as a pro bono member, utilizing her knowledge in developing countries.


Engineer Intern

He holds BA from the Department of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Chiba Institute of Technology in 2021, and currently in the Master's Program of the school. He specializes in improving the accuracy of indoor GPS by using Kalman filter.