【Report】"Globalization and Infectious Diseases", YouTube Lecture "How to See the World Beyond the Corona" by the Japan Center for International Affairs/Global Fund Japan Committee

Our Africa Business Lead, Masaki Umeda, appeared as a representative of the younger generation in the video of "Globalization and Infectious Diseases," a series of YouTube lectures by the Japan Center for International Exchange (JCIE)/Fund for Global Investment Japan (FGFJ) entitled "Looking Beyond Corona to the World. Under the theme of "Globalization and Infectious Diseases," Dr. Osamu Kunii, former Director of the Global Fund's Strategy, Investment and Effectiveness Bureau, and Ms. Takako Zemba, anchor, appeared on the show to discuss various topics, including the importance of new technologies and innovations, including drones.

The "How to See the World Beyond the Corona" lecture series features international health experts as lecturers and special guests as MCs, and each lecture focuses on a different keyword to learn more about infectious diseases and rethink the world.

(Project Details: YouTube連続講座:コロナの先の世界の見方(全4回シリーズ) | FGFJ - グローバルファンド日本委員会 (jcie.or.jp)

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